Jamkids Terms & Conditions

1. We welcome 0–6 year old children to all classes without any entrance tests. No previous musical skills are required. 

2. Jamkids classes follow the Jamkids Musiikkikoulu curriculum which in turn follows the basic education in the arts syllabus.

3. Student registration and cancellation must be done via Eepos, the electronic registration Jamkids uses. We do not accept registrations and cancellations by email only. 

4. Registration is binding and applies to the entire school year (autumn + spring semester). Please find our cancellation policy below (6.).

5. A trial lesson can be arranged after the term (autumn/spring) has started, if there are availabilities in the chosen class. We do not accept trial lesson pre-bookings to a specific time and date – a trial lesson is arranged for you when there are availabilities in your chosen class. The price of a trial lesson is the same as one normal lesson.

6. New children are accepted during the school year depending on availability. The price is dependant on the amount of remaining lessons in the term. 

7. All cancellations must be done via the electronic registration system Eepos, no later than four weeks before the start of the term. If the cancellation is made less than four weeks before the start of the term, Jamkids has the right to charge half (50%) of the price for term. We do not accept cancellations by email only.

8. If cancellation is done after the start of the term or during the term, the price will be charged in full (100%). Remaining lessons are not covered. In special cases (like in case of illness) the cancellation and compensation will be negotiated individually.

9. The child/guardian agrees to pay the fee in accordance with the valid price list. 

10. Invoices will be sent at the beginning of each term (spring/autumn) by email. We accept payments for each invoice in two installments; the first payment being received by due date and the second latest one month after the due date. A service charge of 5 euros will be added to the second installment. We also charge 5 euros for a payment notice in case of late payment.

11. Jamkids has the right to cancel the registration in case of payment not being received. However, this does not cancel the obligation of the client to pay the outstanding invoice of that particular term.

12. Jamkids reserves the right to check the client’s credit history. In the case of no/lacking credit history or several delayed payments, Jamkids has the right to invoice the whole study year (spring & autumn) as a whole before start of term.

13. The duration of autumn term is 14 lessons, of which the last lesson is a concert. With the exception of 30-minute groups, the duration of the autumn term is 13 lessons (no concert). Lessons start on week 35 (unless communicated different).

14. The duration of spring term is 16 lessons, of which the last lesson is a concert. With the exception of 30-minute groups, the duration of the spring term is 15 lessons (no concert). Lessons will start on week 2 (unless communicated different). 

15. Classes are held at the same time every week in accordance with the timetable. In case of a teacher’s illness, compensation lesson can be arranged at another time and in another teaching place if necessary. Jamkids reserves the right to changes in schedule during term and turn of year.

16. Student’s absences (travel, illness or other reason) are not replaced or refunded. Student’s absence should be informed about by email directly to the teacher. In case of longer illness and other exceptional circumstances, Jamkids is willing to negotiate separately. This always needs to be done beforehand/immediately when the illness occurs. The client is not permitted to cancel the registration or claim for reimbursement afterwards.

17. In case of teacher’s illness, Jamkids will do its best to replace the teacher with a substitute teacher.

18. Classes cancelled due to absence of the teacher (illness and similar unexpected and unavoidable reason), will be replaced before the end of term. Compensation classes can be arranged at another time and/or in another teaching place if necessary.

19. Jamkids Concert is one of the lessons for the 2–6 year olds each term. We recommend participation but it is not compulsory. We would appreciate it if the teacher is informed beforehand if the child is not going to participate. Jamkids does not reimburse the absence.

20. Please make sure that the school has your up-to-date contact information (address, email and phone number). Jamkids communicates with its clients mainly by email. Unexpected and sudden cancellations of the lessons (such as the teacher’s illness and similar unexpected reasons) will be notified by SMS.

21. We cannot be liable if a lesson has to be cancelled due to Force Majeure (war, civil war, armed conflict, terrorist attack, government action, fire, flood, severe weather conditions, pandemic or epidemic or any other matter that is beyond our control).